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Hyperx Customer Service

If you are a customer of Hyperx and need support from the Hyperx Customer Service team. After contact, the customer support team their support specialist answers your technical questions and troubleshoot any product issue. In 2002, Hyperx started its journey with a single line of high-performance memory and has grown over the years.


Hyperx Customer Service

If you are using any product of Hyperx and need support from the Customer Care team. You can call 1860 233 4515.

Customer service Hours

Monday to Saturday- 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM


For technical support, you can call 1860 233 4515.

Customer Service Hours

Monday to Saturday- 9:30 AM to 5:00 PM

You can also send them Emails to support.


Phone Number

The United States Support end user- 800 835 6575

United States Support-Reseller- 844 464 9737

Canada- 877 546 4786

Government U.S only- 800 588 5518

International Sales- 714 435 2600

RMA/Warranty- 800 337 3719

ValueRAM Sales- 877 435 8726

Support- 800 435 0640/ 714 435 2639

United States international Sales- 714 435 2600

RMA/Warranty (United States)- 800 337 3719

ValueRAM Sales (United States)- 877 435 8726

Support United States- 844 464 9737 or 714 435 2639


Fax Number

714 438 1845 and 877 546 4786


About the Hyperx

In 2002, Hyperx started its journey with one line of high-performance memory. They feature the best-in-class components that delivered superior performance, quality, and aesthetic design for more than decades. In the worldwide Hyperx product are choice of top-rated gamers, tech enthusiasts, and overclockers worldwide. This company is very committed to delivering reliable products with the highest performance standards.

This company is very proud because they sponsor more than 20 gaming teams globally.

In 2002 they first introduced DDR1. It is a high-performance memory line from Kingston Technology.

After two years they introduce HyperX DDR2 and its frequencies are 533 MHz-675MHz and its Capacity is 256 MB.

In 2007 they introduce DDR3 and its frequency is 1875MHz-1875MHz.

HyperX first releases Lovo Voltage performance memory.

In 2011, HyperX become a market leader with its first auto overclocking product line.

In 2018 this company ships 5 million headsets. They won the three Red Dot Awards. In the same year, they win multiple iF DESIGN AWARDS.

Hyperx makes various types of Headsets that include Cloud Revolver, Cloud Series, Cloud Stinger, Cloud Alpha S, Cloud Alpha, Cloud Stinger, CloudX Chat, Cloud Orbit, Cloud Flight S, Cloud Flight, Cloud PS4, and Headset Accessories.


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Hyperx Social Media Customer Service

If you want to contact their customer service via social media platforms. You can follow





In this article, we mainly share HyperX Customer Service. To solve your general or any product-related query contact the customer support team.


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