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Fisher Customer Service

If you are a customer of Fisher and need support from the Fisher Customer Service team. After contact, the customer support team their support specialist answers your technical questions and troubleshoot any product issue. It is a laboratory supply and biotechnology company.


Fisher Customer Service

Below we share Fisher Customer Care information.

FisherCustomer Service
Client Number877 885 2081
Scientific Customers1 800 766 7000

1 800 926 1166 (Fax)

Healthcare Customers1 800 640 0640

1 800 290 0290 (Fax)

Education Customers1 800 955 1177

1 800 955 0740 (Fax)


About the Fisher

It is a laboratory supply and biotechnology company. This company normally offers products to the global scientific research and clinical laboratory company.

In 2006 this company is merged with Thermo Electron and became a Thermo Fisher Scientific.

The corporate office of Fisher is located in Pittsburgh. Currently Thermo Fisher Scientific serves more than 350000 customers in 150 countries. They mainly supply products to the research & development laboratories, Process Control, Pharmaceutical companies, secondary & higher education institutions.

Fisher lists their products in many categories that include Antibodies & Protein Biology, Balance, Scales & Weighing, Cell Cultures & Analysis, Chromatography, Equipment & Instrument, Glassware & Plasticware, Furniture, Storage, Heating & Cooling, Tubes & Vials, Testing & Filtration, PCR & Molecular Biology.


FAQs about the Fisher Customer Support

Below we share some FAQs about the Fisher.

How do I contact Fisher Science?

If you are a scientific customer. You can call 1 800 766 7000. For healthcare customers, you can call 1 800 640 0640.

For education customers, you can call at- 1 800 955 1177.


Where is Thermo Fisher based in the UK?

Thermo Fisher’s largest sites are in Horsham, Loughborough, England, Inchinnan, Scotland.


Where is Thermo Fisher Headquarters?

Thermo Fisher’s headquarter is located in Waltham, Massachusetts, United States.


Who are the Thermo Fisher Customers?

Thermo Fisher customers are hospitals and commercial laboratories around the world.


Fisher Social Customer Service

If you want to contact their customer service via social media platforms. You can follow






In this article, we mainly share Fisher Customer Service. To solve your general or any product-related query contact the customer support team. Visit the official site for more information.


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