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Cooler Master Customer Service

If you are a customer of Cooler Master and need support from the Cooler Master Customer Service team. After contact, the customer support team their support specialist answers your technical questions and troubleshoot any product issue. It is a computer hardware manufacturing company. This company is based in Taiwan.


Cooler Master Customer Service

Below we share Cooler Master Customer Care information. As a customer, if you have any queries about Product listing or orders. You can send an email to

Business Address

2929 E. Imperial Highway, Suite 110

Brea, California


Cooler Master customer support team available Monday to Friday- 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

As a guest or customer, you can easily use the Cooler Master Live Chat option. By using their Live chat option you can easily communicate with their support team.


About the Cooler Master

It is a computer hardware manufacturing company. This company is based in Taiwan. In 1992 this hardware company was founded. Cooler Master produces laptop cooling pads, Computer Peripherals, air, and liquid CPU coolers, Power Supplies, and computer cases.

This company also manufacture original equipment products for other company. Cooler Master manufacture cooling devices for EVGA, AMD, and NVIDIA.

The corporate office of Cooler Master is located in Zhonghe District, New Taipei City, Taiwan. To succeed in many international operations they operate many branch offices in Germany, Russia, Brazil, the United States, Netherlands. In the United States, they operate offices in California, Chino, Fremont.

In products, Cooler Master releases its own gaming headsets. Cooler Master manufacture liquid coolers, air coolers, power supplies, fans, Thermal Grease, REB Accessories, Notebook Coolers, and Standard Coolers.

If you purchase any product from the Cooler Master they provide a 1 years warranty from the date of purchase of almost every product. But their power supply Units carry a 3 to 10 years warranty.

By the way, if you lost your purchase proof Cooler Master can not be held responsible for Warranty Service.


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Cooler Master Customer Service (Social)

If you want to contact their customer service via social media platforms. You can follow







FAQs about Cooler Master

Below we share some FAQs

How long is Cooler Master Warranty?

They offer 1 years warranty for almost all products.


Is Cooler Master Still in Business?

After 2018, Cooler Master doesn’t sell products under the CM CM Strom brand.


Is Cooler Master a good company?

Yes, Cooler Master is a very trustworthy brand.



In this article, we mainly share Cooler Master Customer Service. To solve your general or any product-related query contact the customer support team. Visit the official site for more information.


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